Derivative of ayu using Saltpack message format with as backend
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aki (アキ)

Not-so standard unix password manager, written in (mostly) posix shell (69 SLoC, 63 ULoC)
Uses <> as back-end, and tree(1) to list contents of the password store


For the utility to work, you have to generate your own keypair with salty-keygen(1)
The private key should be placed as ~/.ayu/private_key and the public key should be placed as ~/.ayu/public_key

Store is located by default on ~/.aki-store/


1) built-in integration with Git
2) built-in automatic keypair generation

Neither of those are included and probably will never be.
Just use the CLI tools by themselves, lol.


1) salty(1), duh!
2) mandoc (documentation)
3) tree
4) xclip (optional)

Related software

[angou]: <>
[ayu]: <>
[pa]: <>
[page]: <>
[pass]: <>


Discordian Public License